Award-winning research scientists & engineers


Founding members of the Engineva team are preeminent research scientists and engineers with a strong track-record in serving academic, government and private industry.

The team includes scientists, doctorates, engineers, and an MBA / communication specialist, and offers experience in engineering, research and development, research funding, and project management. Plus, we know exactly how and where SR&ED fits into your tax return.

That’s the formal explanation.

Really, we’re a bunch of smart people who work together because we respect each other and love science and research.



Before we became specialists in SR&ED, helping Canadian entrepreneurs earn money for innovation, we were award-winning rocket scientists.

Members of our team have been awarded by/for:

  • The Canadian Space Agency
  • Governor General, bronze medal
  • International Mineral Processing Congress Young Researcher award 
  • Distinguished teaching in the field of communications. 


Head with arrowsExperienced as both researchers and applicants  

We’ve prepared hundreds of SR&ED Scientific Research and Experimental Development claims, won over 96%, and earned tens of millions in tax credits and refunds for clients in Ontario and Quebec.

With Engineva, you get deep industry experience across a range of industries, from scientists who have done research and submitted claims on their own behalf, as well as for clients. We know exactly what the CRA is looking for, and how to collect the information and build the story – all in a format that protects you in the event of an audit.

Ask us about… lunar roving wheels… loop heat pipes… anything to do with heat transfer… developing satellites with the Canadian Space Agency… hybrid vehicles… or how to prepare a successful SR&ED tax credit claim.


Professional affiliations

  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec
  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Chartered Professional Accountants


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