SmartKit™ smooths the way for SR&ED success


SR&ED success is all about the evidence. And the SmartKit is about collecting the right evidence, as easily as possible. 

Many SR&ED applications are greatly reduced or denied due to weak evidence, even if the actual work is eligible for funding

To ensure you collect the right evidence – the evidence the CRA is looking for – we developed the Engineva SmartKit, which:

  • Makes it easier and faster to collect SR&ED evidence
  • Helps you, ongoing, to record the contemporaneous evidence the CRA demands 
  • Ensures you collect the right evidence, consistent with Scientific Research and Experimental Development policy and the scientific method. 
  • Keeps you up-to-date with current (they keep changing!) CRA expectations for SR&ED.

Lightbulbs with money

What’s most often missing in an SR&ED tax credit claim? A description of the underlying technological limitations that prevented you from attaining your project goals.

The right language and approach go a lonnng way toward SR&ED success!

Contact us for an assessment to find out if you qualify. Ask us to tell you about the SmartKit!

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