Award-winning scientists who have applied for SR&ED for their own work

Why us?

We've explored the process from the inside out, starting from when we prepared our own SR&ED submissions for our own work. Now, after countless successful submissions for clients, we know exactly what works – how to amplify the ask and choose the approach that succeeds with the CRA.  


Our success rate is over 96%.


We reduce your pain, first time and every year following.  Learn more at SR&ED SmartKit.


We’ve prepared hundreds of successful claims.


You’re a first-timer? We’ll de-mystify SR&ED criteria for you, with an educational session at the kickoff. You’ll come out of it with a much clearer understanding of what CRA considers to be SR&ED activity.

Money growth

Typically, we are able to increase the value of your SR&ED claim, through our deep understanding of research, the scientific method, and SR&ED criteria. Plus, our own experience in submitting claims over the years for our research activity.


For the same reasons as above, we also reduce the risk of an audit.


We work closely with our accountants, who are well-versed in all things SR&ED.


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“Their mastery of the nuances of the SR&ED program and their excellent advisory work allowed us to maximize our SR&ED refund entitlement, as well as prepare for a successful audit.”

R.V. | President - Fintech


“They got us the tax credits and funding we desperately needed to move our technology start-up forward. The team went to great lengths to delve into our source code and documentation to properly understand our technology roadblocks, a task that initially seemed impossible with the departure of some key technology employees. Thanks to Engineva, we now have money required to reinvest in new technology leadership and a bright future for our business.”

C.C. | President – Communication System


“With incredibly tight timelines—only three weeks—and a key stakeholder out of the country, Engineva still somehow managed to deliver with flying colours and get us our credits. They liaised with our accountant, corrected errors that would have put us at risk and coordinated the whole project seamlessly, going way beyond the call of duty to ensure we made it through flawlessly and on time.”

B.S. | President - Software


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